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The Bamboo Kids are an American rock and roll trio formed in Brooklyn, New York City (New York, U.S.), first signed to Norwegian label Big Dipper Records in 2003 and now Brooklyn, NY label Drug Front Records.

The influences include The Clash (the band name is taken from a line in the Clash song "Straight to Hell"), The Damned and The Heartbreakers.

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The Bamboo Kids are (band members):

> Dwight Weeks - vocals & guitar
> Vince Cecio - bass & vocals
> Chris Orlando - drums & vocals

The self-titled debut album was selfreleased as demo in 2002. In 2003 it was released by Big Dipper Records...>

The actual album is The Way Things Are released 09-2009 by Drug Front Records.

<... The second album, This Ain't No Revolution, came out in Europe in October 2005.

The third album/LP Feel Like Hell was released in 2006 by Empty Records US.

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